Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to Day 17...

It has been plaguing me for days that I had nothing as far as art work that inspires me! (I tend to obsess a little on things that stump me!)

Well, I was sitting in my tv room last night and was looking at the giant world map we have on the wall and then my thoughts drifted to the beautiful globe in my bedroom that Andrew bought for me on my 28th birthday and I realized that there was my answer!!

I love, love, love maps/globes!
I really like old world maps.

I enjoy looking at them and spotting the few places I have visited and even more so love looking at them to dream about the many, many places in the world I will travel to someday... namely marking out our sailing route around the South Pacific up to the Mediterranean!

Ahh, a ridiculous little weight lifted.
Let the obsessing cease!
... at least on this matter. ;)

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