Friday, May 27, 2011

Shame on you...

To the writers of Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy:

Disgusting. Rude. Heartbreaking. Sad.

Your choice of words made on the last 2 episodes felt like a slap in the face to to me and countless others in the Babyloss Community. Yes, there is one and yes, you hurt our feelings with your insensitive and tasteless writing.

Let me remind you Private Practice:

"In a few weeks that fetus could be... a baby. Not just a collection of cells but a baby." (19 weeks).

I gave birth to Claire at 17 weeks... she was most definitely a baby. :(

"Naomi" did right later in the episode by letting the other character know what a baby can do at 19 weeks so I guess you, the writers, redeemed yourselves but it was just so upsetting to hear lines like that in the first place.

And Grey’s Anatomy?

“Meredith” and “Derek” are adopting a baby and just before they take her home a NICU nurse ask about what they have and/or don’t have and Meredith says that they have nothing. The nurse then says, "You know we have all of this gear... the parents come in, the baby doesn't make it, they don't wanna see the stuff so they just leave it behind." She says it without emotion, so flippant and quick and cold.

The clincher was at the end of the show when “Meredith” is talking to her best friend and says, "The hospital gave me a baby and she is upstairs sleeping in some dead kid's port-a-crib."

Outrageously upsetting.

I know, I know. They are tv shows and I shouldn’t still be dwelling on those scenes but I cannot help it. Make no wonder some people are so naive, insensitive, or just plain ignorant... these are the examples they “learn” from.

You never know unless you have been there, I guess, so I am guessing that none of the writers has ever lost a baby... on either show. Maybe they should educate themselves about the topics they write about so that they can better educate the general public.

That’s my rant. Time to move forward from it.

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