Friday, October 30, 2009

My reason, my hopes...

I am so sorry for your loss. 

After our devastating loss I felt quite alone. I have an amazing husband, three fantastic children, wonderful extended families on both sides, and the best friends anyone could hope for... 
but I still felt so alone.  

I turned to the internet for support. I wanted to find something, someone, some quote, that would fill my head, my heart and my hands with the void of the loss of my daughter, Claire. I know there is no magical object, person or poem that will fulfill my needs, however as I searched, I realized that little things that I happen upon do make a difference and add a little light to my day. Knowing that someone else out there can empathize, finding a quote or a particular article that I can relate too, or discovering a piece of jewelry that speaks to me... every little bit helps.

I felt the want and need to create my own space. A space that I want to share with you because if you are here I assume you need to be... and I am sorry that you too have suffered the loss of a baby. Whether or not you got to see or hear your baby's heartbeat or see him at an ultrasound or give birth to her, the pain is there and the degree of that pain can be just as overwhelming whether it is your first pregnancy or your fourth, whether you were 6 weeks along, or 26 weeks along and whether it was yesterday, last year, or 12 years ago.

I know we all grieve in a different manner. I know that some, like myself, are wanting and willing to share their experience. I know others like to remain quiet in their journey through grief. Whether you want to put yourself out there or not, this space is here and will allow you to explore and share if you want or to simply read and empathize with the thoughts and feelings of others who are on the same journey through grief as you are.

If you can find one ounce of comfort within these posts and pages, or throughout your travels through the links I have posted then I will consider my efforts a success.


~I hope that you can find comfort here knowing that you are not alone
and that someone else out here "gets it".

~I hope that you will come back when you feel you need or want to.

~I hope that you may share your thoughts and feelings with me
and/or with others readers when you are ready.

~I hope that you will pass the info you find here on to others you feel may benefit; whether that includes other bereaved parents looking for a compassionate and informative place or to guide them in helping you through your time of grief and sorrow.

~I hope that I am able to shine a little light on your days
and that together we can work towards finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

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