Sunday, December 26, 2010

Melt my heart goodness...

My mother gave me the two most thoughtful gifts this year... with a little (or maybe a lot of coaxing from my little sister!)

She told me that she hmm’d and haaa’d about the purchase for a while and went back and forth because what she really wanted me to have was the necklace above... why?... because the name of the necklace is “Claire”.  (Check out Stella & Dot to see more of their fabulous jewelry!)

My mom did not want to upset me. She doesn’t like to see me cry. No mother does!! But my sister, in all her 19 years of wisdom told her that it probably would make me cry but it would be happy tears for the fact that Claire was still being acknowledged. Sweetness.

I love it.

The second part of my gift was a gift certificate towards getting my memorial tattoo done. I am hoping to go out to Edmonton in March either on or around the anniversary of Claire’s second EDD to get it done. So exciting!!

I cannot even begin to say than you mom, for the sentimental, and deeply meaningful gifts. Yes, they made me cry but they are always good tears when it comes to my baby girl! (The only down side is I work from home so I will not get a chance to wear my necklace as often as I would like! ;)

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