Monday, April 30, 2012

Cuddly Clothing Keepsakes...

Many families have a collection of their baby's clothing and blankets and struggle with what to do with them. Keep them boxed up? Pass them down to Rainbow siblings? Pass them on to others? It's a difficult decision when all we want to do is wrap our babies up in them and hold them close...

This is where these new additions to my Keepsakes page may become useful and comforting to you and those close to you.

The following sites are dedicated to making custom teddy bears out of and/or dressed in your baby's clothing. These bears would make fabulous keepsakes for parents, siblings, family members and friends who hold a special place in your heart for the love they share with you and your baby. 

(Teddy Babies)

"This beautiful bear was made in memory of my great nephew.

Bentley only lived 7 hours after birth due to a rare heart condition.

I’ve hand painted Bentley’s footprints on the pad and have weighted

this bear to be Bentley’s weight. I’ve made the bear with part fur and from

a blanket Bentley was held in and then dressed the bear in Bentley’s jammies."


Molly Bears

Molly Bears in a non-profit organization that creates custom weighted teddy bears for families who are in need of a cuddle from their angel. 


All bears are made possible from donations and are sent to families free of charge (international shipping not included). 


Please consider making a donation in order for this fabulous organization to continue to bring smiles and cuddles to the hundreds of families who are currently on the wait list as well as those who will be added every day.


'The' Molly bear!
Molly's mommy, Bridget, surrounded by a few of the hundreds of custom weighted bears that have been made for families who have lost their little ones since Molly Bears officially began in August of 2010.

To be placed on the wait list for your own Molly Bear follow this link.


The Patchwork Bear  


Send in 6-10 of your favorite articles of clothing and your totally customized memory bear will be created in honor of your sweet baby.


The Patchwork Bear makes custom quilts out of your clothing as well.


A tangible little something to wrap your arms around with oh so much meaning.


Monday, April 2, 2012

More than a love of Star Wars in common...

William had his best friend Brady over on Saturday. They were playing around the table while I was making Claire's March winks collage. William was showing his buddy all of the hearts that were found this month and then told Brady that they were for his sister that died...

Brady then said, "I have a brother that died."

W-   "You do?"
B-    "Yes. His name is Mason."
W -  "He was a baby too?"
B-    "Yes, he came before me but he was a baby too."
W-   "My sister Claire came after me. She died too. How old is she now mommy?"
Me-  "2."
W-    "Yah, 2. We go out to Prelude to celebrate her birthday. We have peanut butter cupcakes!!"
B-     "We have cake for Mason's birthday too. And we go to our cabin. He's 8."
W-    "I didn't know you had a brother that died?!?"
B-     "Yah."

Ugh... do I cry or smile?

I am so sad that this is the reality for William and Brady, yet relieved that they have this in common. I will never have to worry about his feelings getting hurt if he talks about Claire with Brady or his family because they don't know how to handle the conversation. I will never worry that his friend might think he is 'weird'. I will never have to worry that Meredith and Jeff will think it is odd that he knows about or talks about his little sister that he never met. Although William doesn't talk about Claire all that often, it eases my heart to know that if he does with them that they too get it and they are comfortable talking about and celebrating Mason's life too.

To them, it was just another conversation, a quick chat and then they moved on... to Star Wars Lego, of course!

To me it is a conversation that lingers and will last... 

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