Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Real Mom...

A real mom is made of more
than what is done on Earth.
A real mom carried life,
even if they never gave birth.
A real mom might swing her child
or pull them in a cart.
A real mom might have only carried
her child in her heart.
A real mom might celebrate birthdays
with presents, balloons & cake.
A real mom might decorate her child's grave
even when it's more than she can take.
A real mom is more than what is said
on Mother's Day.
A real mom loves her child
even when they've gone away.
A real mom is always a mother,
whether a child is alive or is at rest.
To your child, angel or not,
as their mom you are the best.

Written and shared by fellow BLM
Leslie Matteson (4/28/11)

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