Sunday, January 17, 2010

Written In The Stars...

Sweet, simple and beautiful.

This treasure was created by Amanda of:

“Written in the Stars is something I started after losing my daughter at almost 15 weeks pregnant. I have nothing from her, no photos, no prints, nothing. I came across the site To Write Their Name In The Sand where they will make you an imagine with your child’s name written in the sand on a beautiful beach on sunset. It made me wonder if there was something I could do and one summer nite I took a picture of the sky that I really like. Looking at the stars always makes me think of Ireland so 'writing' her name in the stars seemed like a fun thing to try. I loved it, and it was one more thing I could have to remind me of Ireland and I wanted to offer this to other grieving parents. If you would like your child's name written in the stars I would be happy to make one for you. Email me at

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