Saturday, January 16, 2010

Technical difficulties...

I love the look of iWeb and the ease of setting it up however when it comes to publishing changes...

Mass frustration!!

I have encountered little problems in the past and have somehow seemed to figure them out. This time, not so much!

I have been trying to publish my blog posts since Thursday night and I keep getting the same error message. When I posted the message to a discussion board their suggestion was to shut iWeb down, restart and then try to publish again. Nope. Still not working.

I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.
Same process as always.
Different result.
It makes me want to toss my computer!

Oh, and if you have noticed that the “Add a comment” button is missing at the bottom of every other page after the ‘Please feel free to share...” I apologize... I can’t figure that one out either!

And sorry to those whose comments have gone missing. I had to erase a few posts and repost them in order to try anything to get it working again.

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