Friday, January 29, 2010

Samuel the Survivor...

We got word today that Wee Samuel was born on January 23rd at 32 weeks!

He is proving to be a little fighter from the get go... he gets that from his maman. After a complicated pregnancy and traumatic emergency c-section for both him and mommy, they are recovering well. Thank goodness doesn’t even begin to convey the relief. xoxo

He is thriving for a little guy just over 4 pounds and is breathing on his own, feeding well and getting a nice tan under the bili lights!

Félicitations Tammie, Yan and big brothers Zack, JJ and Alexander.

TamTam you are one strong woman. I don’t know many women who have been able to do what you have done countless times. I admire your strength and the love you have for your boys.

I am proud of you.
I love you.
I miss you.


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