Friday, January 1, 2010

Another wish, or 2 or 3...


Tonight as I sat with my favorite women (my mom, my sister, my aunt and my cousin) it crossed my mind a few times that down the road you too could have been a part of the girl fun.

I love the bond that the 5 of us share. We laugh, tease, and cry. We talk shoes, purses, and make up. We finish each other’s sentences or we talk without saying a word... a glance, a face or a sign can crack us up or shut us up instantly. And we eat... oh how we love to eat!

I wish you could have stuck around to get to know your family. I wish you could watch girly movies with us. I wish you could join us for pedicure nights. I wish you could try aunt Leah’s homemade fries. I wish we could all hug you and kiss you and watch you grow.
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