Saturday, January 23, 2010

Upgrade oopsies...

I just upgraded = good.
New changes to iWeb = some great... others will take some getting used to!

The Good:

~ I do not get an error message when I publish changes.
~ My counter is now working.
~ Adding pics and widgets is even easier!
~ I can see when someone has left a comment.
~ All of the “Please feel free to share” sections are now working properly! Share away my friends!          
~ My email button finally works properly!!
~ I hope to discover more along the way!

The What I Have To Get Used To:

~ My address has changed although I seem to still be able to access the site with the old one?
~ None of the pics that I added to each blog post are appearing unless you click on the link to read more. I have figured out what I need to do now however it will take some work to get it back to how it was!

Please bear with me through the changes!! All in all I am pleased. $ well spent as many of the technical difficulties I was experiencing have been solved. Phew!

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