Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happily Overwhelmed...

I have been working for two and a half months on this site. I published the site on December 16th, at which time I sent it to my family and and my close girlfriends.

2 days ago I thought, “Okay, time to get it out there!” And I have been an absolute nervous wreck ever since!

I sent the link to everyone in my address book, (except for Leslie... oops!), and then yesterday decided to send the link to all of my Facebook friends. Really, is there any faster way to spread news than on Facebook?!

I was unsure if sending out to the masses was the right thing to do. It is overwhelming knowing that everyone was going to read my most private thoughts and that my site would be judged and well, I am just a little paranoid to begin with...

All this to say,


Thank you all for your support!

I have received such positive feedback from women who have suffered a loss, (or a few), nurses on OBS, as well as from friends who have learned that it is okay to talk about the babes who have passed to soon.

As I mentioned to a friend earlier, I am happy and relieved that what I have done has opened lines of communication that weren’t there before.

The blood, sweat and tears... not to forget, the sleepless nights and a few technical glitches (that I am still trying to work out), have been well worth it and I am overjoyed that I have been able to help.

My goal was to help myself and at least one other person... you all have given me the feeling that I have reached a few more and for that I am truly happily overwhelmed!

Claire may not be here with us but she is still making a difference.

She was my physical labor of love.
This site is my emotional labor of love.

Thank you, Claire, for helping me help others.

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