Monday, January 11, 2010

Lately my mind has been fixated on...

... Claire’s keepsake box and the possibility of a fire in the house.

I worry that late at night a fire will start. How would I get that box out with us? My focus would, without a doubt, be on getting my living family out of the house. I am just scared that I won’t have time to get Claire’s box too.

Or that someday when we are out of the house or when we are away a fire will start and all will be lost. Part of me wants to to have someone “babysit” her box when we leave town!

If that box were to go up in flames another piece of me would die. That is all we have. They are the only tangible items left that prove that she was here. Most are mementoes that we couldn’t ever get back. Yes, I have the memories in my head and heart but I really cherish the treasures that I can look at and touch.

I couldn’t bear losing another part of her.
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