Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8- Jewelry

I couldn't narrow it down to one!

~ During my pregnancy I wore my Pyrrha stork and butterfly necklaces. The minute I found out that my baby's heart was no longer beating I removed them and kept them in a closet for a year and a half before wearing them again. To read more about why, read here.

~ The handprint necklace is the one piece that means the most to me and that I hold closest to my heart. After losing Claire I searched day and night to find a piece of jewelry that 'spoke' to me. After an extensive online search, I found a shop in London England called Stephen Einhorn where I found the perfect little handprint necklace. I wanted to place an order but wanted a small change as the only handprint they had was the right hand and I wanted a left hand as I had held Claire's perfect little hand upon my pinky fingernail the whole time she was with me. I sent an email to the shop outlining what I would like to have done and why and a lady responded saying that for a minimal charge they would be able to flip the design for me... I caught my breath when I read the final line, "Sincerely, Claire" We went back and forth in our emails and then had to speak on the phone and it was so comforting to speak with Claire the shopkeeper. She was so kind and respectful and lovely. What touched my heart even more was when I received my necklace in the mail, she had included a handwritten note saying, "Dear Jaime, Here is your left hand print pebble on a necklace, I do hope it is of some comfort to you. With very best wishes, Claire" She will never know how truly touched I was by her gestures. 

To read more about the handprint necklace click here and here.

~ I love my Stella & Dot charm necklace! I added the wishbone charm for Claire because I wish, every day, that she was here and I also added the awareness ribbon to honor pregnancy and infant loss.

~ After the birth of our Rainbow Baby, I ordered a new Family Tree necklace by my favorite jewelry designer, Lisa Leonard, so that I could have a piece of jewelry that represents all of my children. All together. All close to my heart.

To read about Lisa Leaonard, check out her absolutely amazing personal blog here and to view her simple but oh so meaningful, fabulous jewelry click here. (She even has a babyloss piece which she made in collaboration with Angie Smith, named the Marked By Love necklace.)

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  1. I could feel how touched you were by simply reading the post Jaime. It brought tears to my eyes.


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