Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14- Community

After losing Claire I dove into the internet. I was on a search for information, connections, something or anything to hold onto or to guide me or to fill my need to know... 
but need to know what exactly, I wasn't sure.

What next? 
Is this normal?
How long will it last? 
Is there anyone out there like me?...
Feeling this way? 
Reacting this way?
Does anyone really understand?

Faster than I could imagine I came upon a whole community of women and families who were blogging about their loss(es). I came upon websites dedicated solely to pregnancy and infant loss grief and healing. I found chat groups on Facebook. I found somewhere where I belonged.

A Babyloss Community
Full of Babyloss Mothers

Did you even know there was such thing??
Neither did I... until I had to know.
There is a whole club out there...
 A club that none of us wants to belong to but are SO grateful to be a part of. 
(Doesn't make much sense now, does it?!)

The women and organizations above pulled me through. 
Lifted me up. 
Cried with me. 
Laughed with me. 
Got angry with me.
Who continue to be confused and heartbroken with me...

They get me. 
We understand one another.

I have met many women in the past 3 years who were complete strangers following a similar path whom I now consider good friends. We chat on a daily basis about all things. It's not always sad... we don't dwell we just move forward in the best way we know how and we do it together.  

The most amazing thing about the Babyloss Community is that they accept everyone and every loss. No loss is considered more or less than another. We wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Seuss:

"A person's a person, no matter how small."

This past May, a local BLM friend of mine and I decided it was time to start up our own local community. We started a Face2Face Yellowknife Friendship Group (affiliated with Faces Of Loss, Faces of Hope) and have begun to build that community by reaching out to those who have lost here in our city. Involvement and attendance has been rising and as sad as it is to know that this 'service' is needed and growing, it feels great knowing that we are filling a void and bringing comfort to others.

Belonging is important.
Knowing you are not alone is really important.
Being a part of an accepting and compassionate community is SO important.
I am thankful for this community.

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