Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28- Memory

The first words I uttered when I saw her...
 "She has the most perfect little hands."

Those handprints,
(her left hand in particular as I held it the entire time she was with me)
 left forever marks on my heart.


  1. IS that an actual inprint of Claire's little hand? That's incredible. What a special memory! xo

    1. Sadly, it is not her actual print, Lacey. At the hospital the nurse was only able to get her footprints. Looking back I wish I had asked for them to try again when we saw her for the last time just before we left the hospital but it wasn't something I had thought of. The haze of losing her and leaving without her was too much and I didn't know until afterward how very much I wish I had them...

  2. A footprint is just as nice a memory, something to hold onto. I love following your blog, Jaime. Though I've never lost a baby, you sure are inspirational. I have forwarded your blog page to a few close friends in hopes to help them out through their journey. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lacey, and for your support in passing my site along. I am sure your friends appreciate the help you are providing more than you will ever begin to know.

      x <3 o


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