Monday, October 1, 2012

Claire's 3rd Birthday...

 "Softly the leaves of memories fall
Gently I gather and treasure them all,
Unseen, unheard you are always near,
So missed, so loved, so very dear.
No longer in our lives to share,
But in our hearts you're always there."

Making cake and peanut butter frosting for our Li'l Peanut's birthday celebration!
William wanted to draw a picture to send up with Claire's balloons.

I love you Claire.
I wish you were alive.
I want to give you hugs.
I would give 1 of my teddies to keep.

So sweet.

Matthew drew a picture too,

"Mommy, this is Claire and she is under a rainbow, and she is wearing a dress 
and a crown and it is really sunny out and there is lots of hearts."

 Daddy with his littlest girl.
Woohoo! Claire is 3!!!
Beautiful babes on a gorgeous fall afternoon.
So happy together!
Special messages for our little Claire.

All of our love being sent her way.
Up, up and away...
Smiling faces.
And goofy ones too!

Claire's Yk Beach Prayer Flag in our favorite Claire spot!
 Daddy and his oldest little girl.
A teeny wink suspended in the air!
Good golly Miss Molly... when did you grow up?!
What better to keep up warm then a campfire and cake?
Happy Birthday dear Claire, Happy Birthday to you!
The girls.
We are so very lucky.


What a wonderful way to spend the day!
 We miss you and love you dearly baby girl.


  1. Such a beautiful family! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Happy birthday sweet baby Claire! xoxoxoxo

    Jeremy, Maria and Lux

  2. What a special way to spend Claire's Day! You have a beautiful family and Claire is so lucky to have you as a mommy!

  3. Thank you for sharing this Jaime; how very special. You are a fantastic family. Happy birthday sweet Claire.


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