Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13- Signs

I never believed in signs....
  One cold January day in 2010, 4 months after Claire had died, 
I happened to look over at the fire in the pellet stove 
and noticed something in the bottom right corner...
See it? 
A perfect heart.
Instantly I thought of Claire. 
I wondered if this was my baby's way of sending me some love?
The glass on the pellet stove got increasingly more dirty over the next 2 months 
but the heart never changed shape.

After seeing this heart, other hearts just seemed to pop up out of nowhere! 
Totally random winks from my girl. 
Wee signs of love letting me know that she was thinking of me?
I like to think so.

Approximately 120 hearts have been found since January 2010
 by my immediate family alone...

And it is with much love and appreciation that I share the following collage of hearts that have been sent to us from family and friends from all around the world. 

It touches me like nothing else does to know that all of these wonderful people have taken the time to pull out their camera and snap a picture because a random heart has appeared in front of them and they thought of my sweet baby girl, of me, and of my family.

My heart swells with happiness to know that Claire's little life
 has touched so many.

I now make a heart collage every month...
If you would like to view them, they began on October 1st, 2011
and have been posted on the first of every month since.
They are titled "(Month) lovin'..."

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