Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15- Wave of Light

A small gesture with a huge impact.
This journey has been the most difficult of my life but with family and friends who continue to show me and my family the love and support that they do it makes it all just a little easier. It's been 3 years of ups and downs and inside outs. I have cried and smiled and laughed and gotten angry and smiled some more to get where I am. Each day brings a little more healing. I love my Claire with all of my heart and I love that I can share her little life with so many, so openly, and have so much love returned. I do what I can to help others as it is what she would want me to do and it is what I feel I am supposed to do... and I enjoy doing it.

She taught me to love myself and others on a level I didn't know I was able to.

I like to think of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day as not only a day of remembrance but a day of celebration. Today we babyloss moms celebrate the fact that we are all mommies to wonderful little babies that have taught us more than anyone ever will about love and acceptance, compassion and strength. I smile because I have made so many wonderful friends in the last 3 years. To see the flood of love that passed from one babyloss mother to another everywhere I looked on FB this evening made my heart swell with pride over all that we have done and will continue to do to honor our children. I smiled through my tears as I received messages of encouragement and support from non loss family and friends as well. Thank you for allowing me to speak about Claire so freely and for helping me break down barriers.

Our babies are helping us help others and that is to be celebrated!

Sweet dreams Claire.
Mommy loves you.
x ♥ o


  1. I agree with every single word of your post! I could have never put it so beautifully!

    We remembered your beautiful Claire yesterday. We lit a candle for her and your other sweet little baby. We also found a potato in the shape of a heart while preparing dinner and a tiny heart shape in a knot of our birch kithchen table. I instantly thought of Claire and took pictures of them for you. I will email you the pictures along with one from our wave of light very soon. You can see our wave of light photos on my blog though.

    Thank you for all that you do for all of us!!!


    1. Thank you so much Mary. The pictures you sent are beautiful and fabulous and so very thoughtful!

      x <3 o


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