Monday, February 15, 2010

A wonderful way to start the day...

I received Claire’s collage this morning from Franchesca at Abiding Hope Collages. It put a HUGE smile on my face! It is so simple yet so intensely meaningful.

Her reason:
“On May 5, 2009 we welcomed our precious gift, Jenna Belle, our firstborn into this world. God allowed her to grace our lives for 13 beautiful days. My hope is to honor her life as she has forever changed my world. Faced with indescribable grief that I will never understand, I have to believe that my greatest loss was and still is her greatest gain. Living without my Jenna has changed me to the very core. I am managing to gain some ground through my artistic side, which I felt I lost when she died. This is all in her memory. Most days it is just plain hard, but I am learning to see that God is so big that He can make something beautiful out of something tragic.”

Please click on Claire’s collage to find out more about Abiding Hope Collages. To read more about Franchesca and Jenna Belle check out her blog at : http://www.jennabellecox.blogspot.com

I now have another treasure to cherish.
Thank you, Franchesca.
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