Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snack talk...

I run a day home. I have 5 kiddos in my care ranging from age 2 to 4 so the topic of conversation around the table during snack usually revolves around what is happening outside the window, what we are going to do next and about who is eating the fastest (It’s not a race!!).

Yesterday’s topic was a little more...
I don’t know what?... deep?

Little J, “My dog died a long time ago.”
W, “I know, Little J, you told me. That’s sad.”
Little J, “Yah, she was sick so hers died.”
W, “Claire died too.”
Little J, “Yah.”
W, “Her got sick in mommy’s tummy and her died. Claire is my little sister. Nobody knows where she went.”
Little J, “Yah, like my dog.”
W, “Yah.”
Little J, “Can I have yours fishy crackers?”
W, “Yah. Can I have your cheese?”

Oh, to be 4 again.
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