Sunday, February 14, 2010

She’s everywhere!

After a morning feast of heart shaped pancakes smothered in Cool Whip, berries and syrup along with pink milk, we gave the kiddos a new book called Valentine Zoo. It is part of a series of rhyming books of which we have one for Halloween, another for Christmas as well as a few other random titles. The boys love them as on the last page there is always a little tune that plays or lights that flash... total excitement!!

As we were reading, we came across the monkey page and William said, “Look mommy! Monkeys! You love monkeys!” And yes, it’s true, I really do. They are my favorite animal (Yes, I am still a bit of a kid myself!).

So I go on to read:

In his shiny sports car
Sam takes Claire for a drive.
And she thinks to herself,
“I’m the luckiest girl alive!”

William looked up and said, “Claire? Huh?!”

Happy Valentine’s Day Baby Girl.
We all love you sooooooo much! 
x <3 o

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