Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If I don’t respond right away...

.. please don’t take that as a sign that I don’t appreciate you reaching out.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with kind words from family, friends and strangers that it takes a couple of days to compose myself enough to respond.

The response I have gotten through my site whether it be email or comment, as well as through my personal email and through Facebook has been astounding. I am still a little stunned at times from the support that I have been shown as well as the thanks that I have gotten for supporting others.

I write as openly, honestly and genuinely as possible as that is what I appreciate in reading about other people’s struggles. I do however struggle, at times, finding the right words to give thanks back to those who are offering kind and encouraging words or to those who open up and share with me because I cannot seem to find words that show the depth of my appreciation for you taking the time to to do so.

Please know that I hold on to every word, sentence, and paragraph that you send. I have folders all over my computer that I go back to often to reread your empathetic, compassionate, funny, sad and everything in between messages.

You pick me up when I am down.
You make me cry because I feel your pain.
You make me laugh and smile when I need it most.
You make me feel as though Claire is important.
You make me feel like I have made a difference.

I promise to respond to each and every one of you. It may take me 2 minutes, 2 days or 2 weeks but please believe me that I will write back. Some days are still such a struggle that I don’t have it in me. Some days, I admit, I am intimidated by your words and don’t feel as though the thanks I give back will ever equal what you have given me.

Your words matter to me...
more than you can even begin to imagine.
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