Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I shouldn’t be doing...

On a daily basis:

~ Sleeping through the night.
~ Showering early in the morning.
~ Taking care of other people’s children (as I should be on maternity leave).
~ Wearing a normal bra! Or wearing any of the clothing I have on, for that matter! Or wearing anything that isn’t covered in spit up!
~ Eating normal meals at normal hours.
~ Going outside without a Snugli on.
~ Sitting still.
~ Typing with 2 hands on the computer.
~ Anything quickly/on time/on MY schedule.
~ Absolutely everything empty handed.
~ Writing a blog about my misery.

At this very moment:

~ Watching a young girl push a stroller around my court over and over again while her baby sleeps soundly... Who is she anyway? Where did she come from? How many more times will she circle the court?

In general:

~ Crying.
~ Longing.
~ Wondering.
~ Dwelling.
~ Missing.
~ Wanting.
~ Grieving.

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