Tuesday, April 20, 2010

say it with flowers...

In honour of their little brother Rory who was lost to SIDS, Sarah and Richard have created say it with flowers (Rory’s Garden).

Their Mission:

“This is a place where bereaved people can have their loved ones honoured. We take requests from families and friends and will write the names of their precious family members or friends on beautiful flowers and post them up on this site.

It all began with the lead up to Mother's Day. I really wanted to do something special for my mother. I knew it would be a hard day. It was her first one without her own mother and it was also the anniversary of the day my baby brother Rory had passed away. As well as that, I wanted to honour the mothers who I have come to know and love who don't have their babies in their arms today.

So I had a long chat with my brother Richard, an incredibly talented professional photographer. We talked about the fact that the essence of our humanity is founded on Hope. We all have different kinds of hope: hope that tomorrow will be a better day, hope that the way ahead will be brighter. Those of us who are religious place great hope in Him. And to me, one of the primary things that expresses the essence of hope is often found in the simplest and most beautiful things, like a flower. So we worked together, me painstakingly writing these precious babies names on the flower and then worked together to create and develop (a) picture.

Now I'm not particularly creative, or artistic and I find it astonishing that two people who are central in my life, my brother Richard and my friend Carly allow me to work with them, Rich in photography and Carly at Whispered Support. I'm so proud of my brother. His career is really taking off, but he still takes the time to work with me and teach me how to create pictures that I think in some small way are symbols of Hope.”

Thank you Sarah and Richard! The treasures you create are delicate, simple and absolutely beautiful! xo
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