Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mourning Cloak....

I took the kiddos out to play last Friday afternoon and as I walked up onto the deck I saw something move in between the stairs... I looked and caught a quick glimpse of a pretty brown butterfly with yellow wings. I thought for sure my eyes were deceiving me as I don’t often see butterflies.

I came inside later and tried to find the butterfly online without success and then this morning one of my day home fathers and I were having a chat about kids and bugs and he mentioned the Mourning Cloak butterfly and described the exact butterfly I had seen!

I know a lot of Babyloss mothers have always found butterflies a comfort after losing a child. While I always thought butterflies were beautiful, I never really did relate. Until last week. It felt like another one of those little signs that I could cling to (sounds desperate, I know but hey... it’s all part of the babyloss package!)... there it was, waiting out on the deck for everyone to come outside to play. ;)

This particular butterfly reminds me of the fall and all of the colours that remind me of Claire which makes this butterfly just a little bit more beautiful in my eyes!
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