Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clearing my head...

I am taking a week off.

As I have mentioned before, I often wonder if continuing to keep up this blog and to read others’ blogs is helping me or hindering me from moving forward. Not to say that I have not found comfort in what others have to say... because I feel your every word and can relate to so many of your posts. I am just still so sad and I invest so much time and energy into everyone else’s sadness as well. I find it hard to tear myself away because I do deeply and genuinely care however I am finding myself more stressed out lately and my stomach is in knots thinking of the struggles we all face. It sounds horribly selfish, I know, but I need to concentrate on me right now. I need to feel better. I want to feel better.

I will be back in a week.

Take care, everyone.

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