Friday, March 19, 2010

Claire’s Name Gallery...

I have added a new page to my site!

I absolutely love seeing my baby girl’s name. It makes me feel like she is a little closer and that a part of her still lives on.

As babyloss mamas, we will never see our babies grow, we will never have new pictures of them to share... this is our way of doing it!

Claire’s Name Gallery page is dedicated to all of the creative, talented and giving women in the world who have taken the time to write, create, type, glue, and place Claire’s name somewhere close to their hearts with their little ones that they have lost.

I know there are probably plenty more out there creating similar treasures... I am always on the look out as I hope to see Claire’s gallery grow!

There is so much comfort in the simple pleasures.

Please stop by the gallery and if you would like a treasure of your own, you can find the links to each on my Keepsakes page under the Treasures headings.

Thank you to Jill at Vermont Angels for my newest treasures... love them!! xo
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