Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angel Wings Memorial Boutique...

Claire’s wings have arrived in the mail from Lea at Angel Wings Memorial Boutique. Sweetness!

“This initiative was created in loving memory of our youngest son, Nicholas, who was born sound asleep on November 7, 2008. In the difficult time following Nicholas’ death, a beautiful friend gave us a pair of sweet, delicate Angel Wings which now hang gently over his picture and footprint frame. They are a continuous reminder that we have our very own Guardian Angel watching over us. I am now offering this simple comfort to other grieving parents. It is a small gesture form my heart to yours... from our Angel to your Angel.”

Lea was just approached by her local hospital to create 100+ Angel Wings for an upcoming Memorial Service... which proves just how special her treasures are.

Thank you Lea!

Click here to take you the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique. Once you are there you can also link up to Lea’s personal blog, Nicolas’ Touch.
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