Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Much needed support...

It was late, I was up, I couldn’t sleep.
I decided to visit the Angel Baby website. I had been on a couple of times and noticed a live chat room but I am in Canada and they are in Australia... the time difference never gave me a chance to connect with anyone... while I am awake, they are asleep and vice versa.

I found out from the ladies online that midnight my time is the best time to connect as it is 8 pm for them and that is usually when the live chat is in full swing!

Those that I chatted with have all suffered a loss. They all understood how I was feeling. They offered encouragement, advice, and much needed support. So I guess the time difference isn’t so bad after all... they are all awake and online when I need them the most.

When I woke up, I found a message awaiting me asking how I had slept. It was comforting to make connections... a world away! Ahh, the kindness of strangers!

Check them out if you are ever in need...


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