Friday, November 27, 2009


Tonight I spent the evening catching up with a friend that I had not seen or spoken to much in a very long time. It was a really nice cathartic night.

We had spent some time “talking” through emails and reading her words was like reading my mind. We have both faced struggles this year and while they are completely different heartaches, we have found many similarities in how we are feeling and coping with our own emotions and how we are dealing with the people that surround us.

Opening up to one another about what has been happening in our lives was a positive step in a healing direction for us both... or at least for me! There is a comfort level between the two of us that makes us confident knowing that we can talk honestly about how we are feeling without being judged by the other. 

We laughed and cried for ourselves, and for each other.

Girl time is good.

We should do it more often.

Thank you. :)
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