Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Ladies...


I cannot find the proper words to show the depth of appreciation and love I have for my girlfriends. Knowing I can run to them any time makes my days easier. There really are no words to express how much our bond means to me.

Most of us have been friends since elementary school. We know one another inside out, backwards, and upside down. Anything goes, all topics are on the table, all laughs all the time. 

The pic above was taken at my wedding reception back in June of 2006. Not all of my Ladies were able to make it but I thought about you all throughout the night. A song or dance move would come about and remind me of one or many of you, or a story from the past would be brought up, many memories, many good times!

Tonight was the night for those of us that live in town to get together for some much needed quality time to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.
That and to eat enough food to feed a small village. Again, we thought of all of you who were missing...

Why can’t we all live together again? Somewhere warm? With not a care in the world? Where we could all live happily ever after? Oh, right, because fairy tales are tales, after all!

That being said, I am so grateful to have you all in my life. You make the most difficult days a little easier. Knowing I can call upon any one of you at any time and that you will be there to listen with an open mind and a huge heart means everything  to me.

Thanks Evelyne, Brandy and Cygni for a fantastic evening.
Tracey, sorry you couldn’t make it.
And to the rest of you, you were missed but not forgotten!

Love you lots.

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