Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ribbon cutting...

(ribən kut′iŋ)
a ceremony marking the official opening of a site, the commencement of its construction, etc., typically involving the cutting of a ribbon suspended across an entrance

It’s official, I clicked the Publish button today! Handprint On My Heart has now gone public!

Welcome everyone!

I have been working on the site since late October. I worked with 3 different programs until I found iWeb and was finally satisfied with the layout, the look, and the general feel of what I had envisioned.

It is a bit daunting, I must admit. Getting my feelings out there for anyone to read is quite nerve wracking but it has been a healing process and will continue to be, I am sure.

Like I’ve mentioned before and will continue to say, if I can provide an ounce of comfort, peace or help then I will consider this site a success.

Thank you Claire for giving mommy the strength to develop this labor of love.

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