Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making a mountain out of molehills...

I still think about the what ifs here and there and I am still dwelling on really little things that I make a big thing in my mind. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I know it probably wouldn't make a difference in the long run as I would probably obsess about something else instead however...

It bothers me:

- that I don't have the receiving blanket that Claire was first given to me in.
- that I didn't think to ask to get her handprints done when we saw her for a second time as they were unable to get them when she was first born.
- that I didn’t hold Claire without a blanket to really feel her skin.
- that I hadn’t thought of bringing the Li'l Peanut doll to the hospital to get size comparison pics.

All little things that we could have only done in that moment.

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