Friday, December 4, 2009

Calm after the storm...

Yesterday was awful.

Everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and as the day went on... it got worse and worse and worse.

It started with:
- screaming over milk in a cereal bowl (not to the level he felt it should be!)
- a smashed sippy cup, on purpose out of anger
- capri pants in winter (the girl)
- dilly dallying and leaving late for school
- not wanting to get dressed for the day (the boys)

Then moved on to:
- hitting, kicking, punching, grabbing
- knocking a full water glass onto the floor
- peeing in pants and all over the floor
- more screaming and hitting me!
- smashing a pane of glass in the door with a truck!!!
(Which resulted in the removal of the door for everyone's safety!)

It ended off with:
- taking one hour to walk home from school (20 minute walk max.)
- another glass of water on the floor
- peeing 2 more times on the floor
- constant redirecting to get homework done

All of this resulting in one angry, sad, frustrated and super tired mother and pb&j sandwiches on warm defrosted bread instead of the proposed trip to McDonald’s for dinner.

Ugh. Did I really deserve all of this on top of everything else?

Where is the sweet relief?

My mother called this morning to let me know that she will be picking up all 3 kiddos after work to take them for dinner and a sleepover.

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