Monday, February 27, 2012

All talk, all yesterday...

William: "Mommy? You know the necklace I bought for you for Christmas? I picked it because it is a heart and hearts remind you of Claire."

Could a little boy be sweeter than this? He is always on the hunt for hearts and knows how they make me smile. It means so very much to me to know that when he was given a chance to pick out a gift for me, on his very own, he chose something he knew would have meaning to me... did I mention he is only 6?


Matthew: "Mommy? Where is Claire now?"
Me: (under my breath to Andrew) "How do we answer this one?"
Andrew: "She may be up in the sky. That is where some people believe those who die go to live together. You can believe whatever it is you want though."
Matthew: "Oh. Okay."

Sometimes the most simple answer is the one that satisfies little ones the most. We are not a religious family and I struggle with where Claire is myself so answering that question is beyond me. I have always told the kids that Claire will always be in their heart, and if they are lucky, in their dreams but I know that Matthew, at 5 years old, is looking for more of a concrete answer... however is heaven any more concrete? Yup... still a struggle.


Andrew: (talking to Lucy last night before bed) "Are these your Claire jammies? Hugs and kisses from your sister? I wonder if one day you will realize that you are here because your sister isn't?"

*Sigh* I know Lucy will come to realize one day that she is here because her sister isn't. I just hope that we will have shown her enough love and individual attention, in so many different ways, that she was will never doubt how very much she was wanted and that she is her own little person... not Claire's shadow and not just our Rainbow Baby.

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  1. wow..even kids questions can be so loaded huh? sigh...what is the right answer? I say "Heaven" because to me that has to be where she is...but what do I know? Im not super religious either, but I read that book "Heaven is for real" and it makes me believe MORE that there is a place after here...but what do I know ?? and those pjs are so sweet!! and to answer the "would she be here if she wasnt"....thats not even a topic cause she IS here and claire WAS here...thats all you have to think. sucks we dont get to have them HERE the way we want though =((( I get so nervous for when adrian starts the talking. I already see how he was acting differently at her grave for her bday week. it was hard to watch him trying to play with her 'toys' and im sure the day will come where he will WANT to take them with him or try to touch the other plots' day at a time! miss u!


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