Monday, January 2, 2012

Website/Blog change...

So I signed into MobileMe today to see the status of my account as I know it is up for renewal soon. And to my surprise I see that it has been extended for free until the end of June!

Good, right?!...

Too good to be true!

After that date iWeb will be no longer. I have to move my site to another host. And , ‘when publishing an iWeb site to a web hosting service other than MobileMe, the following features are not available: blog and photo comments, website password, blog search, and hit counter.’

Ugh. At least the content will be there but in what format? And will it only be my blog or will all of the pages transfer? I put a lot of work, my heart, my everything into this site. I am very protective of it even if it is not perfect. I have wanted to make a change for a while as iWeb gives me a lot of headaches but I am not sure I am ready!! Change is good, I know, I am just afraid of it. I am a total creature of habit!

To be really honest, I wondered if maybe this was a sign to bring my site to a close?

Does anyone even read anymore?

Am I helping?

I know I don’t post as often and that the posts I do write are not as deep (although they are still just as meaningful to me). I just feel, sometimes, as though I am a broken record. Do you really want to read about that again?

However this is all I have of Claire and I would be devastated if it were gone. This site brought me back to the surface... where I continue to tread water some days! It is my written baby. It has been my lifeline to her. It has connected me with so many others. It has helped my grieving and healing.

So I think I need to stay.

I am going to, once again, look into transferring all of my work into a book through iPhoto or the like. It is something I would like to do so that I have a hard copy to hold onto and pass on, as well as with all of these changes, to ensure that I don’t lose any posts.

Stay tuned for a change.

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