Monday, May 7, 2012


What does it stand for?
International Bereaved Mother's Day

What is it?
It is a day for babyloss mom's around the world to celebrate the little lives, our sons and daughters, that could not stay but still make us mothers.

When is it?
The first Sunday of May, every year, everywhere.

Where can I find more information?
Right here.


Yesterday my Facebook News Feed looked absolutely gorgeous! It was an amazing bouquet of beautifully colored flowers. It was filled with love. Bittersweet love because each and every flower represented at least one baby that was lost by one fabulous mother who did everything she could to hold on to her little one for as long as she possibly could... yet she no longer holds that baby in her arms.

It was a day of reflection, of remembrance and sadness, of friendship, and of the love and respect our community has for one another.

It was also a day of awareness and education.

It was a day I am proud to be a part of. I got to send and receive love. I was able to see my Claire's name written numerous times. I was able to share her story with others. I was able to put a smile on a few mother's faces.

IBMD makes my heart happy.
I hope that all of my babyloss mother friends around the world had a peaceful International Bereaved Mothers Day. Thank you to you all for helping me through my grief and my healing and for helping me find my hope and my peace. Much love to you and your babies you hold dearly in your heart and who each hold a special place in mine. 

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