Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughts on my thoughts...

[image courtesy of Davide Restivo]

I read the following line in a fellow BLM's post a couple of weeks ago:

"I don't remember what I thought about before I thought about her."

It has made me really wonder? I am sure there were many, many things on my mind at any given minute but since losing Claire it seems as though any spare second I have is filled with her.

The wishes.
The what-ifs.
The if-onlys.
The what-should-bes.
The never-will-bes.
The future.

The void of her loss has taken up so much space in my head.
If she were here she would take up a lot of the space too, I know, but instead of getting caught up in thoughts I would just be living.

Hm. Who really puts the time into thinking about or analyzing why they are thinking about something? Just another BLM thing, I guess.


  1. Hmm. It def has taken a lot of space in my head too

  2. A mother's job is to dream for her children; there is no shame in dreaming for all of your children,even the ones that can't be here on earth with us.

    I find myself thinking about Claire quite often actually, even though I never met her. So I figure that as her mother you should be allowed to think of her every second of every day no questions asked.

    I'm so sorry that this is a worry in your life. Yet another thing that no mother should have to worry about I suppose.

    Sending lots of love.


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