Thursday, March 10, 2011


One year ago today was Claire’s estimated due date.

Last year this time I was unbelievably sad yet more comforted and at peace than I had been since losing her. I knew in my heart it was time to move forward... not move on... but move in a new direction.

On this day last year I etched Claire’s name in the ice and it turned out beautifully, better than I had imagined it would, and it sparked something in me... my contribution to the Babyloss Community.

One year ago today I also knew in my heart that it was time to try to bring a new little life into our family.

Here I am 365 days later:

~ waiting, (somewhat impatiently), for the temperature to rise so that I can get out and start etching the many names I have on my wait list!

~ holding my new baby girl in my arms. My little light that came after the darkness, my rainbow after the storm.

~ still missing my Sweet Baby Girl like crazy.

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