Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Claire, Forever...

I did it! After a little over a year and a half of wanting a memorial tattoo for Claire... here it is!

Originally I wanted to get her name, birth date, and handprint but after speaking to a couple of artists, I was told that her hand was too small and that the print, in a couple of years, would not look very nice so back to the drawing board... aka the internet... I went.

I have always loved filigree designs and after searching through many sites online I noticed that most could convert quite beautifully into a “C” as they are very curly. I found a random filigree design that I liked however I was told that to get the same detail as in the pic it would have to be much bigger than I was willing to go. So, the artist (Sheila from At Needlepoint Inc.) based it on that and modified it to fit what I wanted.

~The “C” is for Claire (obviously!)
~4 dots because she was our 4th baby
~3 leaves because she was the third baby I gave birth to and she was born in the fall
~and my friend pointed out that the design at the top looks like 2 overlapping hearts! Totally unintentional but totally cool! (Thanks, Antoinette, for making it even more perfect!)

I am so pleased!! It is pretty, feminine, so full meaning and perfect from top to bottom, side to side. It was well worth the wait!

X ♥ O
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