Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Face to Face...

I said from the start of this blog that if I could help one person it would all be worth it... I think the person it has helped the most is me. However I have learned that I have also helped others and that makes me smile on the inside and out. :)

One person who I have met through this journey who means a lot to me and who has helped me immensely is JY. We have a mutual friend who brought us together through this very space. JY had read my posts and commented many times and our friendship quickly grew into emails and facebook messages and then to texts and phone calls and last week... a face to face! We have laughed and cried and nodded and shook our fists together over everything and nothing through the computer and over the phone... it was so nice to see it all happen in person.

We met for lunch (long overdue!) and it was amazing!
(The service, not so much!!!... the company, perfect!)

It is so nice to have someone to talk freely to about Claire. I can say things I wouldn’t necessarily say to others whether it be happy, sad, unusual or morbid and she gets it! And she shares her experiences too!! It is fantastic to be able to bounce things back and forth and have the conversation go both ways instead of me doing all of the talking on a subject that no one really wants to talk about or that they don’t know how to respond to.

*None of this is to say that I don’t appreciate the friends that do listen and offer support. I am beyond grateful that you still allow me to go on and on some days! It’s just different, you know, when 2 people have a common interest or connection.*

JY was so very thoughtful and brought me a gift! She found it on Etsy (which lead to a conversation about our shared our love/hate relationship with the site. Love the immense variety/hate how much we can spend in minutes!!) Claire’s name surrounded by hearts all in fall colours... could there be a more perfect choice?! I came home and hung it immediately and I cherish it wholeheartedly.


JY, our friendship stems from the most painful experiences of our lives but through these it has brought out a friendship that I adore. It has been so nice to connect on a level which most do not ever find in real life and the fact that it has grown into a friendship where we can talk about our losses as well as so much more means the world to me. Your honesty and humour are refreshing. Thank you for all of the healing you have brought my way. I am so happy we have met and I look forward to meeting again sometime soon... next time is on me!

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