Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring cleaning...

I am slowly but surely updating my site. There are a few blogs that I have removed as they have gone private, some I have added as I have met wonderful new bablyoss mamas, and I have also added a couple of new Treasures on my Keepsakes page. As well as a couple of new additions to Claire’s Name Gallery! Thanks to Carly and Tiffany!

If you have a link you would like me to add, please email me at homh@me.com and tell me a little about it and I will be sure to add if it is directly related to pregnancy and infant loss (I wish I didn’t have to put that disclaimer out however I have had emails come my way for completely unrelated sites in the past and wish to keep it as a support page and nothing else!)

Thanks for your continued support everyone! I enjoy reading your comments and private emails. It’s nice to know that I am reaching someone... or a few someones!!

... all thanks to my Claire.

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