Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enough already!!!

We met up with an old acquaintance yesterday afternoon at a mutual friend’s birthday. We hadn’t seen her in about 4 years. We were chatting about our kiddos, hers are now teenagers and she hadn’t seen our oldest boy since he was a baby and had never met our youngest. She casually mentioned that she had just overheard that we were expecting again and offered her congratulations along with...

“Oh please have a girl this time!”

And continued throughout the party with,

“Please have a girl!”
“Oh, you need a little girl running around!”
“Will you find out if you are having a girl this time?”
“Wouldn’t you love to have a little girl?”
“Oh, please have a girl!”
“They are so sweet and quiet and fun to play with!”
“I hope it’s a girl!”

Part of me wanted to yell, “We had a girl! Please quit saying how much you want me to have a girl because I have one but she isn’t here, she died! Leave me alone! ENOUGH!”

However that would have been inappropriate and made her feel uncomfortable and in fairness to her, she has no idea what happened so instead I politely smiled and nodded and held back my tears... all the while screaming at her in my head.
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