Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day...

This year we parked in our usual spot for the Canada Day Parade and were about to get out of the vehicle when I realized that in the haste of trying to get everyone ready (yes, in our matchy-matchy t-shirts!) that I forgot to put on Claire’s necklace.

Ugh. Insta-tears.

I knew we would get a family picture taken and I know that her necklace may not even be noticed in the picture... but I would and will continue to notice.

It felt like I left her behind today and it hurts a lot... I’m sorry Baby Girl.

Last year at the parade we had just found out that we were pregnant. This year she should have been with us and almost 4 months old. But she isn’t. And today marks 9 months since she was born sleeping. 

Why is it that the smallest things hurt the most?