Monday, June 11, 2012

F2F recap...

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Do you call it a success if people show up and everyone ends up in tears? The word success is usually accompanied with warm happy feelings of accomplishment, not sadness however...

I think that having 2 wonderful new friends show up to a stranger's house to meet with others who have lost can be considered a success as we formed new friendships, we leaned on one another emotionally as we all bravely shared our stories, and we were able to squeeze in a few smiles and some laughter too.

I am thankful for these ladies who courageously showed up when they weren't sure if it was something they thought they could do. I am thankful that they opened up and let us in on their most private moments, thoughts, and feelings. I am thankful that even though our stories are all very different we were able to accept, validate, and honor one anothers losses as lost lives and much loved children. I am thankful they took a chance and put their trust in us and the service we are providing.

I wish we could have all met under different circumstances however I am pleased that we now have one another to chat with about our babies and our lives since losing them.

Thank you, thank you both.

For anyone who may be interested in joining us next month, please watch for details on our Facebook page here or check back in on the Face2Face Yellowknife tab in the nav bar above. 

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