Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First tears of the season...

I was out doing a little Christmas shopping on Saturday afternoon with my kiddos in tow and we were having a blast checking out the toy aisles at Canadian Tire. We were pressing every button on every toy, making as much noise as the toys would allow (so much fun when it is not in your own home!).

And then “the” song started...

All I Want For Christmas.

I know it is inevitable to hear over the holidays. It is a beautiful song. I really do love that it reminds me of Claire yet it also makes me so sad and a tad angry too. I was holding back tears and then a woman rounded the aisle and noticed what song was playing and a huge smile came on her face and she started to sing along in a really amazing voice. That did me in. I told the boys to continue looking while I checked the next aisle over.

I went to the next aisle and pulled myself together and then continued on my ‘merry’ way.

All this emotion and it isn’t even December yet.
Yikes... what I am in for this year?

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