Monday, August 15, 2011

Claire comes camping...

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

We took the plunge and bought a camper trailer this summer and it has been by far one of the best investments our family has made! The time we have spent together in the great outdoors has been fabulous and relaxing and so, so, so much fun! And the icing on the cake...

Claire has sent us a ‘wink’ on almost every trip we have taken! A sweet strawberry surprise, through the bubbles in the dish water and on the end of a tree branch!

It amazes me every time we happen upon a heart because they are never intentionally sought out, they just seem to appear and they are all so perfect. Knowing she is around us and joining in on family fun time makes us all smile and laugh and think of our sweet daughter/sister and makes ever trip just a little more special and memorable!

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